Learn About Astrodog

Recently, you may have noticed that we’ve rebranded our company and are now called Astrodog Media. We’d like to take the time to tell you about the rebrand so you can get to know us a little better and what our company is all about.

Meet Ed

Picture: Meet Ed the adorable Jug

The adorable dog in the logo is actually based off of Erik’s own pup! Little Ed is a Jug (Jack Russel Pug), who embodies many qualities that we strive for and exemplify ourselves as a company. His high energy motivates him to go on adventures when he’s on a walk, just like how we love taking on new adventures ourselves with new projects and clients. He’s also not afraid to climb to the top of a new couch and really push his limits.

The illustration of Ed was hand drawn by our friend, Branko Vranic. A local designer with a really unique style that is worth checking out. We’ve incorporated the new logo in a variety of cool swag like stickers, hoodies, and t-shirts.

The rebrand was to reflect our current state. We still adore the clients we’ve been working with and the final projects we’ve created for them, but we’re evolving as a company, and we wanted our brand to reflect this. We’re looking at the future and what it has in store for us. We’ll still bring or creativity to every project we work on, but with this new rebrand we hope that clients are able to have a bit of fun with our marketing assets, which we think, are out of this world.

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt is Executive Producer at Astrodog Media. Matt loves all things video and has a keen interest in leveraging video to fuel business success. Follow him on Twitter at @matthortobagyi