We’ve Expanded At Astrodog Media

Here at Astrodog Media, we have our eyes on the stars and we’re ready to blast off. We’ve been consistently growing over the past 6 years, and moving into our new space (which you can read about by clicking here) has allowed us to grow our team. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to add 2 Astrodogs to our arsenal, plus a co-op student (Astropup?). Do you know what? We’re only getting bigger.

Office Construction

Picture: Cut holes in things

If you haven’t noticed, you had to access our unit by going through another, which is a pain (even though the guys at Civilian Printing (@CivilianPrintCo) are friendly). Thankfully we had the opportunity to acquire the space next to us, and now with the help of a couple friendly contractors, we’ve knocked down one of our walls, and combined the two spaces.

Editor hides from construction

Picture: Erik still edits despite the construction!

We can’t wait to show off the new space to you, and enjoy access to our space from the main hallway. Be sure to come by the unit, watch some videos, and enjoy a coffee.

Lounge Shoot

Picture: Screen tests in our extended space

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt is Executive Producer at Astrodog Media. Matt loves all things video and has a keen interest in leveraging video to fuel business success. Follow him on Twitter at @matthortobagyi