Slow It Down with Slow Motion Video

There are few activities that are more satisfying than watching something in slow motion video. Something about slowing an instant down and seeing that moment from a new perspective is really satisfying. With YouTube and Vine making slow motion videos wildly popular, there’s nothing more on trend right now.

You may be wondering why the slow motion video you’ve taken with your phone don’t look as nice as some of the stuff you’ve seen online. Well, to film slow motion video successfully you really need a higher frame rate (than what your phone can film) and lots of light.

At Slow Mo Bros we shoot with an Fs5 at 240fps, which produces that lovely smooth slow motion you love. Slow Mo Bros is a slow motion video booth. Perfect for occasions like weddings, parties, and corporate events. The booth does everything a photo booth can do, but it’s a great alterative because it offers so much more (read out blog about it by clicking here).

Lately we’ve been developing technology in-house to make the experience better for you. So far we have touch screen computers that will instantly show you the clips we’ve filmed. We transfer these clips from our camera to our computer via a custom SD card reader and a custom script we wrote for Linux, so you know it’s not available anywhere else. Paul Walker ( is the genius behind this technology, and we hope you’ll be able to see the Slow Mo Bros booth in action at your next event! Visit for more information.

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt is Executive Producer at Astrodog Media. Matt loves all things video and has a keen interest in leveraging video to fuel business success. Follow him on Twitter at @matthortobagyi