Meet Danielle: Our Conestoga College Intern

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to have Danielle help us on various projects. Danielle is our intern and is currently studying Media Broadcasting at Conestoga College. When she’s not working on shooting, editing, and producing, some of her hobbies include: consuming content, either by reading books, or watching online video through YouTube and Netflix.

Danielle on the set of STONE

Picture: Danielle on the set of STONE.

We recently took her with us when we were shooting STONE on March 14th in Hamilton. It was her first experience on a “real film set”. She was able to work on a variety of tasks and was a huge help to us in the process! She’s also been shooting some behind-the-scenes footage, editing together pieces, re-editing some of our past projects, and spec’ing out future work.

At Astrodog Media, we are focused on providing valuable skills and experiences for our interns. We don’t believe in having them go on coffee runs and work exclusively as grunts, what are they possibly going to learn from that?

As we grow as a company we will need to add more people to our team. Whether you’re interested in being an intern, contractor, or employee at Astrodog Media, we’d like to hear from you if you’d like to work with us. Please send us your CV, portfolio, and describe why you’d like to work with us and what you’d be able to offer the team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt is Executive Producer at Astrodog Media. Matt loves all things video and has a keen interest in leveraging video to fuel business success. Follow him on Twitter at @matthortobagyi