Film Equipment Rentals in Kitchener Waterloo

In case you’ve missed the advertisements on our social pages, we’ve started offering film equipment rentals by launching a new company – Ontario Film Rentals. Over the past 6 years we’ve purchased high quality camera technology and equipment that keeps us on the cutting edge of new technology and allows us to deliver the best quality videos for our clients.

FIlm Equipment Rentals - Ontario FIlm Rentals

Picture: Film Equipment Rentals from Astrodog Media: Ontario Film Rentals

We are now offering our film equipment rentals to other industry professionals like filmmakers, video producers, and enthusiasts in Southwestern Ontario. Our goal is to provide them with high quality and affordable rentals.

Curious about what else we have to offer? Some of the beautiful film equipment rentals, include: RED Epic Kit, Canon CNE Prime Lenses, and more!

Film Equipment Rentals - RED Epic Kit

For more information about or film equipment rentals, or if you’d just like to chat with us to find out more information, head to or call us at 519-591-3425.

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt Hortobagyi

Matt is Executive Producer at Astrodog Media. Matt loves all things video and has a keen interest in leveraging video to fuel business success. Follow him on Twitter at @matthortobagyi